Build It Student Evaluation

Your candid answers to the following questions will help the CCE evaluate and improve the Build It initiative.

How would you describe your overall experience at your Build It site this semester?

Please rate the following statements:

I was able to make connections between my experiences at my community site and issues/topics I explored in my academic courses or through co-curricular lectures, forums, Brown Bag discussions, and events (disagree = 1, agree = 5).
I recieved effective supervision and guidance while on site (disagree = 1, agree = 5).
CCE staff were accessible and supportive to me (disagree = 1, agree = 5).
I learned from the person I reported to and/or others I worked with while on site (disagree = 1, agree = 5).
My knowledge of social issues addressed by my community site has increased since I began volunteering there (disagree = 1, agree = 5).
My on-site responsibilities were challenging and educational (disagree = 1, agree = 5).
The CCE orientation I receieved prior to volunteering in Northside Richmond was useful (disagree = 1, agree = 5).
The orientation I recieved at my community site was useful (disagree = 1, agree = 5).
I would recommend Build It to other students as a worthwhile experience (disagree = 1, agree = 5).

Thank you for your participation in Build It and for completing this survey.