Summer in the City 2021

Summer in the City excursions for University of Richmond faculty and staff highlight some of our favorite Richmond destinations. This year’s Summer in the City series will be virtual, and space is unlimited!

Wednesday, July 14, 12-12:45 p.m.
The Dirty South with Valerie Cassel Oliver

The Dirty South: Contemporary Art, Material Culture, and the Sonic Impulse, organized by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, investigates the aesthetic impulses of early 20th-century Black culture that have proved ubiquitous to the southern region of the United States. The exhibition chronicles the pervasive sonic and visual parallels that have served to shape the contemporary landscape, and looks deeply into the frameworks of landscape, religion, and the Black body—deep meditative repositories of thought and expression. Within the visual expression, assemblage, collage, appropriation, and sonic transference are explored as deeply connected to music tradition. The visual expression of the African American South along with the Black sonic culture are overlooked tributaries to the development of art in the United States and serve as interlocutors of American modernism. This exhibition looks to the contributions of artists, academically trained as well as those who were relegated to the margins as “outsiders,” to uncover the foundational aesthetics that gave rise to the shaping of our contemporary expression.

Curator Valerie Cassel Oliver will join us for conversation about this exciting exhibition on view at the VMFA through September 6, 2021.


Wednesday, July 21, 12-12:45 p.m.
Habitat for Humanity with Whitney Guthrie

Join us for a discussion with Whitney Guthrie, Director of Community Engagement at Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope. Their Women's Build program brings together women from all walks of life to address the housing crisis facing millions of women and children worldwide. In the last two years, Women Build has engaged more than 300 ladies in building and raising more than $100,000 for local projects! Join us to learn more about Habitat for Humanity and how to get connected.


Wednesday, July 28, 12-12:45 p.m.
Breathing Places with Christina K. Vida

Breathing Places: Parks & Recreation in Richmondorganized by The Valentine, explores the design, use and evolution of Richmond's many parks, recreation areas and natural spaces. Over the last 170 years, the city and surrounding counties have secured land, engineered, and maintained "breathing places" for some of the region's residents while limiting and denying access to others. This exhibition explores this complex story while providing a window into the ongoing effects on residents today.

Christina K. Vida, the Elise H. Wright Curator of General Collections, will join us for a conversation about this exciting exhibition on view at The Valentine through January 30, 2022.