Course Support Grants

Faculty needing to offset costs in their community-based-learning (CBL) course may submit a Course Support Grant application. Small grants to fund honoraria for guest speakers, and reimburse faculty or students for material purchases are just a few examples of applications that have been approved during previous semesters.

Faculty who have participated in one of our fellows programs will be given preference, but all University of Richmond faculty will be supported as funding allows. In the past, these small grants have ranged from $50 to $2000. However, the typical grant is approximately $500. The Bonner Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) evaluates requests with the following goals in mind:

  • Encouraging CBL across a wide variety of disciplines
  • Eliminating financial barriers for students in CBL classes
  • Spreading CBL opportunities to as many students as possible

Course support grants also cover transportation costs during yellow and green stages of COVID-19. Please note that requests for transportation should be submitted at least two weeks prior to your trip date. While transportation is never guaranteed, submitting a request at least two weeks before your trip will increase the chances of securing a van, shuttle, or bus.

The CCE aims to co-sponsor CBL projects with other campus organizations when possible.

Please use this online form to submit your Course Support Grant Application.