Resources for CBL Students

In a community-based learning (CBL) class, students have responsibility for the success of the entire class.

Remember, you likely signed an informed consent form when you registered for classes. You consented to take responsibility for yourself when you participating in off-campus experiences through University of Richmond, and to abide by any rules prescribed by the University or community organization where you work. Refer to these safety guidelines for more details.

Your professor will provide specific information on the community-based learning requirements for your course. If your class requires you to choose a site in the community, be aware that it takes time to find a placement, so start the first day of class. Go over the site list your professor gives you, consider your transportation options, and then begin contacting community partners. It is likely to take more than one attempt to get matched with a site.

Be aware that community partners may have requirements to fulfill before you can begin volunteering, such as criminal background checks or medical tests. Be sure to ask about what is required before you can begin at the site.

Transportation to Service Sites

Local, national, and international University-sponsored travel are prohibited during the red and orange stages of COVID-19. After the University has moved into yellow and green stages, we can help you get to your volunteer site for your community-based learning class. Below are few transportation options we offer, and the most updated transportaion guidance is available on the UR Transportation website.

1. University of Richmond service shuttle

Students who need university-sponsored transportation to get to their service site can complete the UR Volunteer Trip Planner form. Once the form is submitted, students will receive an email from Transportation Services regarding service shuttle assignments or alternative modes of transportation. This is a good option if you are traveling to a service site regularly, as it may be on our shuttle schedule route already. Please try this option before any other options!

2. Uber for Downtown

Are you traveling to a location that's within walking distance of University of Richmond Downtown (626 E. Broad Street)? Take an Uber with the new Uber to UR Downtown program, which is free for students, faculty, and staff, and then walk to your destination.

3. Zipcar

If your community partner cannot be accessed by any of the University of Richmond’s transportation options above, you might be eligible to use the University Zipcars. Please submit your request for a Zipcar here. You will receive an email from the UR Transportation office when you submit your request.

Please note that there is a $15 fee for your Zipcar application; if you are volunteering as part of a required component of a CBL class, the CCE can reimburse this fee. Please email with a screenshot of your Zipcar account payment to request a reimbursement.

4. Taxi vouchers

The CCE offers pre-paid taxi vouchers for students traveling to service sites if their service site is not accessible via the options above. These taxi vouchers are physical pieces of paper that need to be picked up at the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) office in Tyler Haynes Commons prior to your travel date. The office is open from 9am-5pm, Mondays-Fridays. You will also need to call the taxi company to arrange a pick-up—preferably at least a day in advance. Keep in mind that the taxi may not always be available, particularly if you are calling on short notice.

5. Reimbursement for Uber/Lyft rides

We may also reimburse for Uber/Lyft rides on your personal Uber/Lyft account, if applicable. To request reimbursement for an Uber/Lyft ride, please fill out this form.

6. Mileage reimbursement

If you have your own car, we may reimburse for mileage using the federal mileage reimbursement rate. This mileage reimbursement is based on Google Maps routes from the University of Richmond to your community partner/site. To request reimbursement for mileage, please fill out this form.

Transportation Sustainability and Carpooling

For all transportation options, we encourage students to be mindful of their environmental footprint and of transportation costs, and to work together to carpool, or to arrange to take the taxi/Ubers together (rather than individual rides), if at all possible.