In exchange for their work at nonprofits and/or government agencies, Bonner Scholars can the following if they meet all program requirements:

  • $3,600 annual stipend ($14,400 total).
    • Disbursed in biweekly payments
  • Two $4,500 stipends, for two 280-hour summer internships.
  • To support students’ personal and professional development, $500 is awarded to students who successfully complete their academic integration requirement and at at least one 280-hour summer internship by the start of their final summer, prior to their senior year. 
  • Financial aid package that commits to meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need.

Current Bonner Scholars looking for more information or clarification on their Bonner Scholars Program funding should connect with their class advisor.


Federal Work-Study

Bonner Scholars who are Federal Work-Study eligible can also earn additional bi-weekly income for their hours served through the Community Work-Study Program.