Student Funding

The Fund is available for student initiated Learning, Service, and Action.

  • Examples of Learning include: Stipends for facilitators for workshops, purchase of documentary screening rights, purchase of books.
  • Examples of Service include: Transportation for one-time service projects, materials for student-led initiative at a community organization.
  • Examples of Action include: Printing posters for open mics or forums, materials for letter writing campaigns.

General Guidelines

The Fund can be used to purchase material goods (stickers, fliers, giveaways, supplies, etc.) if they are used together with an educational event, an awareness building activity, a service project, or in support of a need at a community organization. The intention of funds used to support educational and awareness-building activities is to support the development of student's civic learning outcomes. In all cases, funds must support activities that align with the CCE's Mission and Values.

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