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Presentations of Learning

Presentations of Learning have been a Bonner Center for Civic Engagement tradition for years at the University of Richmond, providing Bonner Scholars and other engaged seniors an opportunity to share the impact of community engagement on their learning, growth, and development.

Healthy Communities: Tuesday, April 3, 4-6 p.m., Brown Alley Room

Healthy Communities represents students who worked on public health and environmental initiatives, ranging from helping vulnerable populations access health care to coordinating efforts to increase healthy food options in food deserts. Students interned at the CCE, CrossOver Clinic, and Tricycle Gardens. 

4:00 pm - Noah Hillerbrand

4:15 pm - Sara Minnich

4:30 pm - Miranda Ricart

4:45 pm - Margaret Foster

5:00 pm - Connor Flanagan 

5:15 pm - Madeleine Jordan-Lord 

5:30 pm - Lauren Passero 

Thriving in Transition: Wednesday, April 4, 4-6 p.m., Brown Alley Room

Thriving in Transition represents students who supported vulnerable populations in transition, ranging from teaching ESL classes to refugees to running small businesses with ex-felons. Students interned at Commonwealth Catholic Charities, the CCE, Boaz & Ruth, Linking Language Through Technology, and the Virginia Home.

4:00 pm - Sidra Siddiqui

4:15 pm - Diego Mosquera

4:30 pm - Niomi Kaiser

4:45 pm - Sarah Carroll

5:00 pm - Jessica Atkins

5:15 pm - Camilla Cabot

5:30 pm - Victoria Noles

Capacity Building: Tuesday, April 10, 4-6 p.m., Brown Alley Room

Capacity Building represents students who held administrative positions at nonprofits, assisting in fundraising, volunteer recruitment, and program development among other areas. Students interned at Higher Achievement, Henderson Middle School, IT4Causes, and the CCE. 

4:00 pm - Inder Gunnala

4:15 pm - Hanna Vincent

4:30 pm - Haamid Shaikh

4:45 pm - Jessica Patel

Mentoring & Tutoring: Wednesday, April 11, 4-6 p.m., Brown Alley Room

Mentoring & Tutoring represents students who walked alongside Richmond’s youth, serving as a mentors, confidants, and coaches. Students interned at Youth Life, Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, Northside YMCA, and Higher Achievement.

4:00 pm - Will Stith 

4:15 pm - Jane Schmidt

4:30 pm - Zineb Ouachtouki 

4:45 pm - Break

5:00 pm - Michael Cevallos 

5:15 pm - Luis Parrales

5:30 pm - Noah Clarke

5:45 pm - Brittney D'Oleo


For more information about Presentations of Learning, please call or e-mail the Bonner Scholars Program office. or (804) 484-1630