Working with Children

When working with minors through on-campus programs, the assumption is that University of Richmond volunteers are with minors while in the presence of the sponsoring organization staff and or their guardians/parents. If your volunteer activities require you to be in the presence of minors without these individuals, additional policies and resources are provided by Risk Management.

For students working with off-campus (external) organizations, students are required to follow all of the organization's onboarding and pre-volunteer trainings that seek to ensure the safety of minors, elderly individuals, people with dis/differing abilities, and other members of our community. According to Mentor National, a nationally recognized organization that continually evaluates mentoring best practices, these trainings should cover important topics such as:

  • screening procedures,
  • reporting processes in the event of suspected child abuse,
  • relational boundaries,
  • crisis management procedures, and
  • communication standards between organization staff, mentors, and mentees.
If the organization you intend to volunteer with works with these populations but does not offer any such safety trainings, or if the organization’s training or practices raises concern for you, please contact a CCE advisor in THC 201 for additional support.