Constitution Day

September 17th is Constitution Day, when the U.S. Constitution was finally signed in 1787. After 4 months of discussion, 39 delegates signed it! While we have often been taught about the Constitution in our numerous history classes throughout our years, there is far more interesting information and creative facts to learn about this essential document and its future amendments.

Having a hard time parsing the old language of the Constitution itself? Annenberg Classroom offers a wonderful guide that goes through every Article and Section is a concise way.

Supreme Court cases are integral to how the Constitution is interpreted and enforced. A list of some landmark Supreme Court Cases and their importance can be found at Annenberg Classroom as well. The site is also a wonderful resource for educators to teach others about the Constitution in engaging and informative ways.

Ever wanted to jam out to a song-ified version of the 27 amendments? Radiolab did just that, in their 2018 podcast! Listen in, and learn more about the amendments!

Curious to know how Supreme Court Justices feel about the Constitution? In this video, Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Stephen G. Breyer answer questions from university students about why we need a written Constitution and what it says about the Supreme Court and its rulings.

Want to know which Founding Father you are? This quiz will answer your burning need to know!

Want to learn more about the branches of government, the Sixth Amendment, and so much more through games and other interactive media? Court Quest, LawCraft, and other games are available here to spruce up your federal government skills.

Constitution Day Events

Spider Votes

Saturday, Sept. 16
Look for voter our registration table at the Spiders Football game!

National Voter Registration Day

Tuesday, Sept. 19, 12-5 p.m
Look for tables near the Forum and register to vote (if you have not already done so) and participate in our “Why I Vote” selfies for Instagram.