2018 Engage for Change Awards

On September 11, 2018, the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement hosted its first annual Engage for Change Awards at the Jepson Alumni Center with keynote speaker Kirsten Lodal, CEO and co-founder of LIFT.

Each honoree received a framed print designed for the awards program by Studio Two Three.

Engage for Change Award

Service for Change Award

This award recognizes an individual or group who has committed to service and relationship building in the Richmond community as a significant part of his/her/their college experience and whose work has contributed to a community's goals. We honor awardees for their ongoing commitment to community engagement and for the spirit in which they have engaged. Awardees have exhibited a dedication to understanding social issues in context, a commitment to valuing the dignity and worth of every individual, a persistent self-awareness and willingness to reflect critically, and a sustained and ethical approach to engagement.

Michael Johnson, '19

Jane Schmidt, '18
Cory Schutter, '19

Community-Engaged Teaching Award

This award recognizes a faculty member who has consistently demonstrated excellence in community-engaged teaching at the University of Richmond. Community-engaged teaching is undertaken in collaboration with community partners in order to further the learning of all involved and build the capacity of students and community members in order to effect positive change. Excellent community-engaged teaching may connect our students to the greater Richmond community through a variety of modes, including but not limited to service-learning; collaborative projects with community partners; clinical education, student teaching, and internships; and study trips and immersive engagement with community experts.

Emily Boone, Director of Biological Instruction

Community-Engaged Scholarship Award

This award recognizes University faculty member(s) whose scholarly and/or other creative activity emerges from a mutually beneficial partnership with a community and creates new knowledge that contributes to positive social change. Community-engaged scholarship is characterized by its relevance to a faculty member’s expertise, its benefit to the external community, its visibility among community stakeholders, and its contribution to the University's mission.

Todd Lookingbill, Associate Professor of Biology and Geography & the Environment

Collaboration for Change Award

This award honors a collaborative community-based partnership between campus and community stakeholders. This award is given to an individual or group who recognizes the importance of authentic relationships and genuine collaboration to affect change. Criteria include: a sustained commitment to an evolving and iterative relationship over time; partnerships that exemplify collaboration as a process of co-creation; a respect for the knowledge and expertise of all stakeholders; and a demonstrated outcome that reflects mutually shared goals emerging from the partnership.

Yvette Rajput and Marvin Roane, Armstrong Leadership Program, Patricia Herrera, Associate Professor of Theatre, and Laura Browder, Tyler Haynes Professor of American Studies

Activism for Change Award

This award recognizes an individual or group who has consistently advocated for meaningful action towards social justice in the Richmond region. Awardees have worked persistently to understand the larger context of a social problem and are strategic and intentional in their actions to promote change.

Advocates for Richmond Youth

Contribution to the Institution Award

This award recognizes faculty or staff member(s) whose community-engaged teaching , scholarship, and/or service made a significant contribution to the University of Richmond, furthering opportunities for faculty engagement, community collaboration, and the learning and thriving of our students.

Andy Litteral
, Professor of Management
Ray Slaughter, Associate Professor of Accounting

2018 Engage for Change Award Honorees