How to Volunteer

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  • 1. Explore Opportunities

    SpidersEngage is the online network where University of Richmond students, faculty, and staff can search and register for virtual volunteer opportunities and events posted by area organizations. Search the SpidersEngage map of community organizations and use the filters — like causes you care about, skills you want to develop through volunteering, or even by the days — to explore and sign up for volunteer opportunities.

    To get started, visit SpidersEngage, search volunteer opportunities, then log-in using your University of Richmond email address and password. For tips on how to search opportunities in SpidersEngage, click here.

    If you want assistance, sign up for an advising appointment or stop in to see a CCE staff member in our office on the second floor of Tyler Haynes Commons from 2 to 4 p.m., Monday-Thursday.

  • 2. Explore and Register for Transportation
    The University of Richmond offers a robust transportation system designed to increase connectivity between campus and the city of Richmond. 

    If you will need transportation to your service site, please register here.

    Note: You will need to fill out a volunteer start date when registering for transportation. You can either provide an estimated start date when filling out this section of the registration form or wait until you’ve completed the entire registration process and received an official volunteer start date confirmation from the organization.
  • 3. Register to Volunteer

    Once you find the right opportunity for you in SpiderEngage, register to volunteer!

  • 4. Complete Prerequisites

    Once you register in SpidersEngage, you’ll receive follow-up communication about volunteer prerequisites from the community organization and/or CCE staff member. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

    1. Complete and submit any required paperwork

    • Each community organization has a unique set of prerequisites that you must complete before volunteering (background checks, volunteer applications, etc.). A staff member will contact you with further details once you register for a volunteer opportunity.
    • Some organizations may require specialized training. The community organization will communicate that information with you.

    2. Attend required orientation meetings and/or training

    • If you are a new volunteer, you must watch the CCE Volunteer Orientation video.
    • Students who wish to earn their Federal Work-Study award through the Community Work-Study (CWS) Program and who have not completed CWS training within the last six months must attend a brief training session. A CCE staff member will contact you by email with further details.
  • 5. Confirmation
    Once you’ve completed any needed prerequisites, you should receive a volunteer start date from the organization.

    If you need university-sponsored transportation, you can use this start date when filling out the transportation registration form (see Step 2). Thanks for volunteering!