Community-Based Learning (CBL) Course Support Grants: Transportation and Honoraria

Requests for assistance with transportation for study trips and honoraria payments for guest speakers are two of our most frequent request types for our CBL Course Support Grant program.

Honoraria Payment Guidelines

The CCE recognizes a variety of expertise that exists within and outside of academia. We encourage and support faculty who wish to bring experts from outside of the University of Richmond when the expertise they bring is community-based and/or is beneficial for the community-based portion of the class. Requests are considered on a rolling basis, and so we may not be able to honor all requests at the end of each semester as the budget is met. We will evaluate each proposal based upon its strength in supporting community-based learning.

For guest speakers in the classroom related to community-based learning, our standard honoraria payment rate is $100 per speaker. The CCE will process this payment directly with your guest speaker after the speaker engagement has occurred; please include the name and email address of your guest speaker in your Course Support Grant application.

If the speaker is from another (close) city, then we can offer a travel stipend of $50.

During COVID-19 restrictions, speakers who participate virtually in a class (Zoom, Skype, etc.) are provided with a modified honorarium of $100 (replacing the $75 honorarium for virtual visits in non-emergency times).

If a speaker is participating in more than a single class and/or is doing more than a standard class presentation, then we may consider providing a larger honorarium. The applicant for the honorarium must make a clear case for why greater funding should occur.

We will only fund speakers from other academic universities when their expertise speaks directly to the community-based component of a course.

We cannot provide honorarium for full-time employees of the University of Richmond.

Transportation for Study Trips

Local, national, and international University-sponsored travel are prohibited during the red stage of the Social Distancing Framework. During the orange phase, outdoor curricular experiences, predetermined cocurricular experiences, and select indoor curricular experiences are permitted. If you'd like to take your students on a local class trip in the orange, yellow, or green stages, we can offer assistance in coordination and payment of transportation for you and your students.

Requests are considered on a rolling basis, and so we may not be able to honor all requests at the end of each semester as the budget is met. We will evaluate each proposal based upon its strength in supporting community-based learning.

If you are traveling together as a class for a study trip, listed below are some transportation options we recommend. Please visit the UR Transportation website for updated information.

1. UR Transportation

The University of Richmond has buses and drivers for class trips, and can accommodate groups up to 18 students. This option is dependent on availability of buses and drivers.

2. Taxi vouchers

The CCE offers pre-paid taxi vouchers for students traveling to service sites (if your class size is small or if UR transportation is not available - see option #1). These taxi vouchers are physical pieces of paper that need to be picked up at the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) office in Tyler Haynes Commons prior to your travel date. The office is open from 9am-5pm, Mondays-Fridays. The students will also need to call the taxi company to arrange a pick-up—preferably at least a day in advance. Keep in mind that the taxi may not always be available, particularly if students are calling on short notice.

3. Reimbursement for Uber rides

We may also reimburse students or faculty Uber rides on your personal Uber account, if applicable (and if UR transportation is not available - see option #1). To request reimbursement for an Uber ride, please fill out this form.

4. Uber for Downtown

If you are traveling to a location that's within walking distance from University of Richmond Downtown (626 E. Broad Street), your students may take Ubers with the new Uber to UR Downtown program, which is free for students, faculty, and staff, and then walk to your destination. Note that students will need to set up their Uber account by following the instructions on the Uber to URD program page.

5. CSI van rentals

If the faculty member is van-certified by the Center for Student Involvement (CSI), or if you have a van-certified driver in your class who would like to drive, the CCE will pay for the cost of the van and reserve the van for you.

6. Charter bus service

For larger groups that require drivers, we may book transportation through a third-party transportation service.

Transportation for Individual Student Travel to Service Sites

If your students are traveling individually or in small groups (for example, to get to service sites for volunteering), please direct them to our Student Resource page for information about individual travel.

We encourage students to be mindful of their environmental footprint and of transportation costs, and to work together to carpool, or to arrange to take the taxi/Ubers together (rather than individual rides), if at all possible.

We will work with you to find the best option for you and your students. To get started, please fill out a Course Support Grant Request.