Transportation and Honoraria

Honoraria for guest speakers, transportation coordination, and transportation funding and are the forms of support most commonly requested in our CBL Course Support Grant program.

Honoraria Payment Guidelines

The CCE recognizes a variety of expertise that exists within and outside of academia. We encourage and support faculty who wish to introduce their classes to guest speakers from outside the University of Richmond. Course Support Grants can provide honoraria funds for guests invited to share expertise that is community-based and/or beneficial for the community-based portion of the class. Requests are considered on a rolling basis, and we evaluate each proposal on its strength in supporting community-based learning.

Additional parameters:

  • The CBL honorarium rate is $150 per guest speaker. The CCE processes this payment directly with the speaker after the date of their engagement.
  • If a speaker is participating in multiple class sections and/or is doing more than a standard class presentation, we may consider providing a larger honorarium. The applicant for the honorarium must make a clear case for why additional funding is merited.
  • We fund speakers from other academic universities only when their expertise speaks directly to the community-based component of a course.
  • We cannot provide honoraria for full-time employees of the University of Richmond.


Transportation for Study Trips

The Richmond community features innumerable institutions, sites, and spaces where students can engage with and learn from local communities. Coordinating and funding group transportation for study trips in the community is an essential way that the CCE works to support community-engaged learning.

Requests for study trip transportation are considered on a rolling basis, and the CCE evaluates each proposal based upon its strength in supporting community-based learning. While we do our best to honor all eligible requests, we cannot guarantee our ability to provide or fund transportation in every case. 

Rising transportation costs and regional driver shortages have slowed the speed with which we can reserve group transportation. Instructors who are seeking transportation support should submit their grant requests as early as possible—and must submit at least two weeks before the scheduled excursion date—to ensure sufficient time to secure vehicles and drivers.

Transportation is typically sourced from one of the following:

UR Charters

When vehicles and drivers are available, UR Transportation Services can provide charter services for groups that number 12 or fewer. 

Third-Party Charters

The university maintains a list of preferred third-party vendors to provide transportation for groups of 13 or more passengers; these vendors also support smaller groups if University Transportation Services does not have the capacity to do so.

CSI Vans

Faculty members who are van-certified by the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) may transport students in a CSI van and the CCE will reimburse the related rental fees. Those who elect this option must make their own vehicle reservation through the UR Centralized Scheduling Service and submit a CBL Course Support Grant request for reimbursement.


Transportation for Individual Student Travel to Service Sites

If your students are traveling individually or in small groups (for example, to get to service sites for volunteering), please direct them to our Student Resources page for information about individual travel.

We encourage students to be mindful of their environmental footprint and of transportation costs, and to work together to carpool, or to arrange to take the taxi/Ubers together (rather than individual rides), if at all possible.