Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Spiders work to support a more equitable and inclusive community at nonprofits across Richmond. If you'd like to engage with one of these organizations, please explore the opportunities linked below.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion organizations are also in need of one-time volunteers, and these opportunities are posted as they become available.

Community Relationships 

Sacred Heart Center

The Sacred Heart Center is a community-driven organization that provides educational and social support to Richmond's Latino community, fostering empowerment, integration, and cultural preservation.
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SOAR 365

SOAR 365 is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities through a wide range of services and programs that promote independence, inclusion, and overall well-being.
Explore Opportunities at SOAR 365

The Virginia Home

The Virginia Home is a residential care facility that offers specialized support and services for individuals with severe disabilities, providing a nurturing environment that focuses on maximizing their quality of life.
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Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities 

Through workshops, retreats, and customized programs that raise knowledge, motivation, and skills, VCIC develops leaders who work together to achieve success throughout the Commonwealth.
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Campus Connections 

Student Center for Equity and Inclusion
The Student Center for Equity and Inclusion strives to remove barriers and contribute to the community practice of belonging for University of Richmond students, in doing so we cultivate inclusive communities and empower students to be affirmed in their identities and the ways they intersect. 
Office for Institutional Equity & Inclusion
Supports and aligns diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) efforts for our entire campus community by providing resources, ongoing education, consultation, and signature programs. 

Race & Racism at the University of Richmond
The Race & Racism at the University of the Richmond is an interdisciplinary, community-based project providing online access to selected archival resources housed at Virginia Baptist Historical Society, Rare Books & Special Collections at the University of Richmond, and The Collegian Newspaper Archive. This site is home to those class collections, exhibits, podcasts, and resources.  

Unpacking the Census
Unpacking the Census, a partnership between the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities and the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, School of Professional & Continuing Studies, and Spatial Analysis Lab, examines structural inequality through census research.
Asian American Student Union
The Asian American Student Union seeks to provide a welcoming environment for incoming Asian American students, helping them adjust to new college life both academically and socially, while also introducing aspects of Asian American culture to the University of Richmond campus, thus increasing the diversity of cultural appreciation within the school community.  
Black Student Alliance
The main goal and purpose of the Black Student Alliance (BSA) of the University of Richmond is to create an environment where the black student body can flourish and thrive. BSA provides support, advocacy, and networking for the black student body on campus, as well as the general student body.  
South Asian Student Alliance
The South Asian Student Alliance is an organization that aims to bring the unique flavor of South Asian culture and tradition to Richmond. We aim to serve a twofold purpose: we celebrate our own culture to remain connected and attached to home; but, importantly, we also want to spread the awareness and the joy of our celebrations and festivities through the university campus.  
SOLS, or the Solidarity Organization for Latinx Students, seeks to unify Latinx UR students and elevate their voices with the goal of celebrating Latinx culture and creating an awareness of Latinx issues amongst the greater campus community. We strive to create a safe space that mirrors the diversity that exists within our ethnicity while welcoming allies/accomplices. 

West Indian Lynk
West Indian Lynk is a Caribbean-oriented student organization founded by University of Richmond students in 2006 for the purposes of: serving as a support group for students of West Indian descent, raising awareness of West Indian cultures, keeping abreast of current events, providing an open forum for people of all cultures and backgrounds to be heard and welcomed, and celebrating West Indian/Caribbean cultures within the University of Richmond via social and educational events. 
Sankofa African Student Alliance
Welcome to Sankofa African Student Alliance! We strive to spread awareness and break down common myths of Africa and all African culture. Come and join us for our weekly meetings and gatherings and be part of our diverse community, united as one.  Our goal is to create an inclusive community, not only of the African diaspora but of the surrounding community and all those interested in learning more about the culture.  

Relevant Courses 

LDST 317-01 Reimagining Richmond: History, Power and Politics in the Former Capital of the Confederacy
This course focuses on Richmond, Virginia’s political history from Reconstruction to twilight of the 20th century.More specifically, we will use politics as a vehicle to interrogate how Richmonders organized strategies to meet economic, political, and social challenges following the Civil War and how movements for civil rights transformed local power relationships. Broadly, this course examines the ways historical actors transformed America’s cities over the last century and how national/state/local policies affected local people’s lives. To this end, we will study Southern labor relations, the rise and fall of Jim Crow segregation, the American civil rights movement, and the long arc of 20th century urban and racial history. 
ANTH 329 Anthropology of Race
Examines, through an anthropological lens, cultural constructions of race, by comparing racial constructs and designations in the United States with those in other societies, and by considering theories of race intersect with public policy, the popular imagination, and individual experiences. 
PLSC 346 Politics of Cultural Pluralism
Comparative examination of politicization of race, ethnicity, religion, and caste in contemporary world. 
RHCS 349 Memory and Memorializing in the City of Richmond
Examines various sites of memory production (i.e. films, museums, monuments) -- how they have been conceptualized and debated -- and asks students to consider memory not only as an entity used in reconstructing the past but capable of being reconstructed itself. Over the course of the semester, students may take several field trips to historical sites and museums throughout the city of Richmond to experience how memory is reproduced and to consider alternate ways of crafting narratives of the past.