Current Faculty Fellows

Since 2008, the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) has been organizing a fellows program for faculty members seeking to transform or create a course with an integrated community-based learning (CBL) component.

Fellows receive stipends to attend workshops, work on their courses over the summer, and participate in a faculty-learning community during the academic year. In addition, faculty receive ongoing pedagogical support from the CCE as they work with their students and community partners.


2021-2022 Eco-Corridor Faculty Fellows

Alicia Diaz, Theatre & Dance
Amit Eynan, Analytics & Operations
Elizabeth Outka, English
Jeff Carlson, Marketing
Holly Blake, will
Laura Browder, English
Lauranett Lee, Visiting Lecturer
Margaret Dorsey, Sociology & Anthropology
Mary Finley-Brook, Geography
Monika Siebert, English
Patricia Herrera, Theatre & Dance

2021-22 Institutional History Faculty Fellows

Craig Kocher, University Chaplain and Leadership Studies
Kristjen Lundberg, Psychology
Maia Linask, Economics
Melissa Ooten, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and will
Miguel Diaz-Barriga, Sociology & Anthropology
Molly Fair, Boatwright Library
Kathleen Skerret, University Professor

2021-22 East End Collaboratory Fellows

University of Richmond
Beth Zizzamia, Geography & the Environment
Elizabeth Baughan, Classical Studies
Jan French, Sociology & Anthropology
Jeannine Keefer, Boatwright Memorial Library
Kristine Grayson, Biology
Stephanie Spera, Geography & the Environment
Lauren Henley, Leadership Studies

Virginia Commonwealth University
Bernard Means, Anthropology
Ywone Edwards-Ingram, Focused Inquiry
Ryan Smith, History
Meghan Gough, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government of Public Affairs
Michael Rackett, VCU ASPIRE

Community Partners
Loretta Tillman, Community Partner
Erin Hollaway Palmer, Editor
Melissa Pocock, Community Partner