Meetings & Cornerstones

Each class year has engaging programming that is unique and relevant to their level of engagement in the Bonner Scholars Program and the community.

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  • All Scholars

    Bonner Scholars Program (BSP) Meetings

    At BSP meetings, Bonners engage with local and national activists and leaders; reflect together about articles, literature, and artwork; and write reflections that facilitate critical thinking about service.


    One-on-ones are held each semester. Bonners meet with their Bonner advisor to discuss service, academics, and career goals. One meeting per semester is mandatory, but students are welcome to schedule additional meetings as needed.

  • First Year

    Bonner 101

    New Bonners participate in an orientation program during their first semester called Bonner 101. During this orientation, students build community among their peers, learn about the mission, goals, and principles of BSP, and explore different service organizations in Richmond before applying to a 3.5-year internship with one organization. Students also serve on a temporary basis with one organization. Bonner 101 begins in the fall semester with a two-day, overnight experience typically held the first or second weekend of classes, known as New Bonner Orientation.

    Bonner 102

    During the first five weeks of the second semester, new Bonners participate in Bonner 102 to learn strategies intended to help them thrive as a new intern. They will also spend time learning about fulfilling their BSP requirements during their summers and while studying abroad.

    Cornerstone: First Year Trip (FYT)

    First Year Trip occurs in April, over University of Richmond’s Spring Break. Typically, first year Scholars and Bonner staff participate in a 3-5 day service excursion to Washington D.C., with programming and community engagement centered around a social issue of their choosing.

  • Sophomore Year

    Justice and Civil Society (JCS)

    Justice & Civil Society, taught by the Jepson School of Leadership Studies, is a required course for all sophomore Bonners during the spring semester wherein students explore contemporary society and understandings of justice. The course includes readings on civil society, theories of justice, and analysis of poverty and related socioeconomic problems. Also included in the course is community-based learning with critical reflection on community service. Sophomores participate in this course during spring semester to provide academic connections to their Bonner work. Certain components of this course may count towards Bonner hours requirements.

    Cornerstone: Bonner Exchange

    The Bonner Exchange is a 1-2 day cornerstone activity in which University of Richmond Bonners build community and reflect on the nature of civic engagement with Bonners from other colleges and universities in Virginia.

  • Junior Year

    Cornerstone: Junior Journey (JJ)

    During Junior Journey, juniors spend a day together exploring social issues in Richmond to reflect on their membership as an active leader in the community.

  • Senior Year

    Senior Retreat

    Senior Retreat is an overnight retreat with a few planned full-group activities and some unstructured, relaxing time to be together and escape the grind of the semester. Senior Retreat is free for all participants. Very comfortable lodging, delicious meals, transportation, and good times are provided. BSP staff attends.

    Cornerstone: Presentations of Learning (POLs)

    Presentations of Learning (POLs) have been a Bonner Center for Civic Engagement tradition for years at the University of Richmond, providing engaged learners an opportunity to share the impact of community engagement on their learning, growth, and development. For Bonner Scholars, it is the senior cornerstone activity.