RVA Community Makers

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

The University of Richmond’s Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration spans the first weeks of the spring semester. Join us as we reflect on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and explore how we can continue to engage and act together now.
Engage for Change Speaker

Engage for Change

The CCE hosts an annual awards gathering to celebrate and acknowledge students, faculty, staff, and community leaders working together to make an impact in our communities. Engage for Change awards honor service, community-engaged teaching, community-engaged research, collaborative projects, advocacy, and activism
Brown Bag Discussion


Formerly known as the the Brown Bag Discussion series, Perspectives is a lunchtime conversation series that offers students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to share a meal while engaging with critical topics. At each lunch, the perspective of a featured speaker or panel will provide a starting point for discussion about a current social issue.


Attending a national conference enables students to gain new knowledge, seek out and consider diverse perspectives, contribute meaningfully, and much more. Enrichment funds are available to engaged students for conferences, as well as additional educational events.

Guest Lecturer

Speaker’s Bureau

The CCE supports faculty, staff, and students eager to host conversations centered on Richmond’s history, local issues, and more. We’re also glad to work with faculty, staff, and students to plan a presentation that fits your course or meeting needs. Additionally, we can connect you with local expert.