Business Societal Impact Fellowship

While civic and community engagement are often associated with the nonprofit and government sectors, for profit companies play a significant role in our communities and our political system. In fact, companies are increasingly called upon to provide social value in addition to economic impact and are being held to account for their performance beyond their bottom lines.

The CCE and Robins School of Business are excited to offer the Business Societal Impact Fellowship as part of the Civic Fellows Program where students will pursue an internship at a for-profit or non-profit company while undertaking a rigorous academic program under the auspices of a faculty mentor. During the fellowship, students will seek to understand and contextualize the company’s impact on a number of stakeholders such as employees, suppliers, community, shareholders, and customers. Business Societal Impact Fellows will also be part of the broader community of Civic Fellows, which provides them the opportunity to further reflect on their experience relative to those of others.

More information about applying to this and all Civic Fellows programs is here.