2022-23 Student Staff

Students are essential to the work and mission of the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement (CCE). Working 4-10 hours per week, students support the daily functions of the CCE offices, events, student outreach, communications, operations, and more.

Learn more about our student staff and their favorite destinations and restaurants in Richmond.

Steven Abreu
Steven Abreu, '23
Student Coordinator, Tax Site Team

Major: Biology-Neuroscience; Minor: Entrepreneurship
Favorite place in Richmond: Downtown is my favorite place in Richmond because it contains some of the elements that I traditionally associate with a city, and it reminded me of being back home in NYC.
Favorite restaurant in Richmond: 3 Monkeys Bar and Grill is my favorite restaurant in Richmond because the prices are great for the portion size and quality of food. It also has a variety of options to choose from, so you can go there any day and they’d have something that matches your taste on that specific day.
Joanne Bong
Joanne Bong, '25
Communications Assistant

Major: Economics
Favorite place in Richmond: Maymont because it's so picturesque and a great place to relax
Favorite restaurant in Richmond: "Lucky AF" for the sushi and casual dinner ambiance
Julia Brittain
Julia Brittain, '23
CCE Program Associate

Major: Health Studies
Favorite place in Richmond: Belle Isle
Favorite experience in Richmond: Volunteering at Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad as an EMT
Madyson Fitzgerald
Madyson Fitzgerald, '23
Communications Assistant

Major: Journalism and Leadership Studies
Favorite place in Richmond: Libbie Hill! It's such a nice place to relax, whether it's the middle of summer or a winter night to watch the snow. It's really such a cute place!
Favorite restaurant in Richmond: Bottoms Up Pizza is literally the best restaurant in Richmond. It's in Shockoe Bottom, and they have a Chesapeake pizza with seafood on it that's phenomenal!
Sandy Franco
Sandy Franco, '25
PACE Program Assistant 

Major: Double major in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS)
Favorite place in Richmond: El Tropicabana 
Favorite experience in Richmond: Going to E-Loteria with all my friends and eating inside, enjoying our time here
Chloe Goode
Chloe Goode, '26
CCE Program Associate

Favorite place in Richmond: The James River Pipeline Walkway is my favorite place in Richmond because it gives you a great view of the water and tends to be rather quiet and peaceful.
Favorite experience in Richmond: My favorite experience in Richmond was going to the Second Saturdays concert series at Dorey Park. This park is a little far from the city proper, but it's a lot of fun and features food trucks and local bands.
Maeve Hall
Maeve Hall, '23
CCE Program Associate 

Major: Political Science and Leadership Studies
Favorite place in Richmond: Walking around the Fan area or Texas Beach by the River
Favorite experience in Richmond: Checking out new food spots and going to the Folk Festival in the Fall
Bronson McLeod
Bronson McLeod, '23
Community-Based Learning Liaison, Bon Air

Major: PPEL
Favorite place in Richmond: Belle Isle because I enjoy being out in nature and I usually hang out with friends whenever I go there which is always a good time
Favorite restaurant in Richmond: Pho Thien Phat, because they make amazing pho that soothes the soul
Beza Mulatu
Beza Mulatu, '25
Outreach and Events Intern

Major: Business Admin and Bio-Chemistry
Favorite place in Richmond: Downtown Richmond
Favorite experience in Richmond: White water rafting at the James
Sarah Murtaugh
Sarah Murtaugh, '23
Unpacking the Census Intern

Major: Geography and Global Studies
Favorite experience in Richmond: My favorite thing to do in Richmond is trying new restaurants. My favorite one is Perly's, which was on Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives!
Dominique Pham
Dominique Pham, '23
CCE Program Associate 

Major: Biology; Minor: Environmental Studies
Favorite place in Richmond: I love the access we have to the James River! Pony Pasture is also walkable from campus, and is such a lovely location to go alone or with friends. 
Favorite experience in Richmond: I have incredibly fond memories of volunteering at the Science Museum of Virginia, at which I have been an intern for nearly the last three years. I learned a lot about myself, non-profits, and the world. Plus, it was fun to see and help people get excited about science, while also being able to let out the child in me that just liked to explore new things.
Thomas Takele
Thomas Takele, '25
Outreach and Events Intern

Major: Computer Science and Visual and Media Arts Practice
Favorite place in Richmond: Robins Center during a Friday Night Basketball Game
Favorite experience in Richmond: Going to an ART 180 Showcase and seeing all the young artist creating beautiful pieces of art
Kavon Thompson
Kavon Thompson, '23
CCE Program Associate

MajorSociology Major, Double Minor in Chemistry and Women Gender Sexuality Studies
Favorite place in Richmond: Escape Room RVA
Favorite experience in RichmondRVAir walks with the Science Museum of Virginia
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson, '23
CCE Program Associate 

Major: Leadership Studies with a minor in Business Administration
Favorite place in Richmond: Libby Hill & Taylor's Hill Park
Favorite experience in Richmond: Exploring all of Richmond's eclectic restaurants, especially those hidden from the main roads, with family and friends

Tuana Balta, '23
Student Coordinator, Tax Site Team