Unpacking the Census

Dr. John Moeser, former senior fellow of the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement (CCE), has been analyzing U.S. Census and American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates data to track poverty trends among the localities of metropolitan Richmond for years and publishing reports with students from the University of Richmond's Spatial Analysis Lab (SAL) since 2015.

Unpacking the Census, led by Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, commenced as a way to inform the public about the growth of poverty and its effect on our region.

The data analysis and reports by Dr. Moeser and his students have been presented to numerous groups in metropolitan Richmond, including public officials, business executives, heads of nonprofit organizations, leaders in the faith community, and neighborhood-based associations.

Since Dr. Moeser's retirement in 2018, John V. Moeser Fellows continue the research and analysis with support from the Unpacking the Census Advisory Team.

Unpacking the Census reports are available for anyone to download and use through Boatwright Library’s UR Scholarship Repository.

John V. Moeser Fellow


Darian Wyatt, ’22

Unpacking the Census Advisory Team

Jonathan Zur, 

President & CEO, Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities

Tom Shields, Associate Dean, School of Professional & Continuing Studies, and Associate Professor of Education and Leadership Studies

Todd Lookingbill, Associate Professor of Geography and the Environment and Biology

Justin Madron, GIS Project Manager & Analyst, Digital Scholarship Lab

Beth Zizzamia, GIS Operations Manager, Spatial Analysis Lab

Alexandra Byrum, Assistant Director of CCE Communications and UR Downtown, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement