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We the People seeks to provide a framework for organizing Election 2020 events and programs. By providing a campus-wide platform, We the People creates opportunities to promote and share events to a larger audience. You can fill out the event submission form to list your event, request design services, and find additional event planning support.

Organizers of We the People affiliated events commit to establishing forums in which participants will be invited to listen and communicate with each other respectfully, with the intent to learn and behave in a way that upholds the dignity of each member of our community. Events are expected to be open to the campus community at large.

Logo for Ballot Box initiative

Ballot Box events or programs are related to specific voting issues. These programs provide the information needed for a person to be civically engaged. Events take a deep dive into an issue, invite diaglogue, and feature multiple perspectives. Voter registration and voter education intiatives also fall under this theme.

Logo for Democracy Talks theme

The Democracy Talks theme centers around topics that uphold democratic society. Events and programs further the understanding of democracy. You might be inspired to see this theme as “democracy is speaking,” as well as, “talking about democracy."

Logo for Community Care theme

Your voice matters and so does your well-being. Community Care events deploy self-care tactics to support activists and advocates. Programs are always facilitated and meant to be safe spaces -- we recommend this guidebook, from Stanford's Residential Education office, as one pathway to creating a facilitated event. Community Care can provide an intimate space to exchange and reflect with allies and across ideological difference.

Logo for Comment Section theme

Comment Section provides a lively atmosphere for discussion and opportunities for people to say what they believe. These programs and events are held in a constructive setting and discussions are meant to be rooted in respect and consideration of the community. This category also includes “spin room” style events, analysis of debates, and hot takes on political issues.

Logo for Campaign Trail theme

Campaign Trail events are more than a stump speech. They relate to any programming focusing on campaigns, including federal, state, and local elections. This category would include debate watch events, conversations about campaign advertising, and open election-focused political meetings.