Student Learning Outcomes

The CCE helps students understand the ways that difference, privilege, and power work in their own lives and in our society. Through their experiences in CCE programs students will:

  • Develop attitudes of curiosity
  • Develop attitudes of openness
  • Develop their capacity for empathy, learning to relate to and appreciate people with lived experiences different from their own

The CCE broadens and deepens students’ thinking about complex and interconnected social issues affecting our world today. Through participation in CCE programs students will:

  • Strengthen their abilities to analyze complicated social issues
  • Connect and apply knowledge (facts, theories, etc.) from their areas of academic study to their own civic engagement experiences
  • Connect and apply knowledge from their civic engagement experiences back to their areas of study, using these experiences to comprehend, analyze, and /or challenge theories and frameworks

The CCE prepares students for active citizenship. Through participation in CCE programs, students will:

  • Clarify their civic identity
  • Develop and expand their understanding of and capacity for active participation in a community
  • Experience the personal benefits of forming reciprocal relationships in one's community, including joy, fulfillment, and well-being

The CCE prepares students for lives of active learning. Through CCE programs, students will:

  • Practice self-motivated learning
  • Develop and demonstrate communication skills across a variety of settings
  • Practice professional skills and gain professional experiences needed to work in a variety of settings