Public Policy, Research & Advocacy

Richmond has a rich history, and with the continuous changing dynamic in the political system as a swing state, there is abundant knowledge to gain. This page is a resource for all learners who are interested in Public Policy, Research & Advocacy. There are numerous ways to engage through the University of Richmond's programming and community partnerships. If you are interested in learning more about the City of Richmond's local government, consider attending an excursion to a Richmond City Council or School Board meeting. The CCE, in conjunction with departments and student organizations across campus, hosts a series of events during each election season. Voter registration information is also available through our office.

Featured Community Partners

New Virginia Majority
New Virginia Majority started twelve years ago with the audacious goal of building a bloc of conscious, consistent voters to advance a new politics that is democratic, sustainable and just. In our policy agenda we offer steps to make this vision a reality, one that centers working class people of color in Virginia as the drivers of a bold new agenda for all. This agenda is rooted in racial, gender, environmental, and economic justice. It is one that calls for not just inclusion and tolerance, but an unapologetic embrace of democracy, justice and progress.

The Virginia Civic Engagement Table
The Virginia Civic Engagement Table strengthens and connects Virginia's progressive nonprofit organizations and activists and acts as a hub for the larger progressive community. We believe our Commonwealth works best when every voice is heard. Our partners work together to advance equality, justice, and opportunity, to win shared policy victories and strive to engage underrepresented communities in the democratic process.

Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy
The Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy (VICPP) works to make Virginia a more equitable place, with increased access to opportunities for all communities. As people of faith, we share the foundational values of loving our neighbors, caring for the vulnerable and uplifting the marginalized members of our communities.Through outreach, public events, and the programmatic work of the Virginia Sanctuary Network we work to dismantle discrimination of religious minorities, ethnic minorities, and immigrants, in order to welcome them to Virginia.As a public policy organization, VICPP works to pass legislation at the State Capitol in Richmond that align with our welcoming all work, and we also work to prevent the passage of bills that undermine that work.

More Community Partners

Campus Connections

RVAGOV is a platform to educate and empower full participants in Richmond City Government. RVAGOV is student-led and student-organized team who are dedicated to connecting the Richmond Community with Richmond's City Leadership.

Model United Nations
The purpose of Model UN is to recreate the systems of discussion, compromise, and solution-making that takes place in the UN. They work to instill in our members/delegates the skills of arguing their points of view and changing minds, whether it be through public speeches or one-on-one discussions. While their foundation is based in the UN, the topics they cover go far beyond the halls of the General Assembly.

College Libertarians
College Libertarians is an active political organization at the University of Richmond. They participate in most political activities on campus and have a strong emphasis on personal growth and developing our members understanding of Libertarian politics.

College Republicans
College Republicans exists to serve the university community, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation by advocating for traditional Republican values and policies. On campus, they often takes the form of tabling, bringing in speakers, holding regular meetings about recent events and philanthropy. Off campus, this often involves networking with students from other schools and chapters of the College Republican Federation of Virginia and in the College Republican National Committee as well as aiding local, state and national candidates to win elections.

College Democrats
The University of Richmond College Democrats was officially re-chartered by the Virginia Young Democrats in March of 2017. Since then, their new executive board has worked tirelessly to promote progressive ideals and Democratic candidates on the University of Richmond. They host bipartisan discussions on topical issues and put on events to promote civic engagement on campus.

Relevant Courses

PLSC 333 Civil Rights/Liberties
Analysis of contemporary legal status and interpretation of constitutional rights and liberties. Emphasis on landmark Supreme Court decisions involving various provisions of the Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment.

PLSC 329: Campaigns and Elections
Analysis of institutions and process of American electoral system and behavior of American electorate.

LDST 205: Justice and Civil Society
Exploration of contemporary society and understandings of justice. Readings on civil society, theories of justice, and analysis of poverty and related socio-economic problems. Includes a service learning component with critical reflection on community service to populations in need.

PLSC 328 American Political Parties
Examines American political parties as organizations and their role in elections, government, and public policy. Also explores how parties have changed over time and the causes and effects of growing party polarization.