CCE Advising

Our Student Engagement Team is eager to meet you, hear about your interests, and support you in your community engagement.

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You can also stop our office on the second floor of Tyler Haynes Commons for Drop-In Advising from 2 to 4 p.m., Monday-Thursday.

Adrienne Piazza

Adrienne Piazza

Associate Director, Student Engagement and Director, Bonner Scholars Program

Issue Areas: Public Policy, Research, & Advocacy; Sustainability, Food Access, & Environmental Conservation; Healthcare; Arts & Culture; Diversity & Multiculturalism; Economic & Workforce Development; Housing & Homelessness; Immigratio & Resettlement; Eldercare

Adrienne has stayed active and engaged during this pandemic by discovering new parks and trails for walks with her 2 dogs, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, ordering curbside pick up from local restaurants, and supporting local organizations through donations and advocacy.

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Blake Stack

Blake Stack

Assistant Director, Student Engagement and Operations

Issue Areas: Education

He has stayed active and engaged during this pandemic by hiking, wearing a mask, voting, being a book worm, engaging local politics, and listening to good music.

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Natalie Thatcher

Natalie Thatcher

Administrative Coordinator, CCE and the Bonner Scholars Program

Issue Areas: Community Work-Study

She has stayed active and engaged during this pandemic by participating in political education, giving time and funds to grassroots campaigns and mutual aid efforts, writing to folks behind bars, advocating for the incarcerated population with the VA COVID-19 Justice Coalition, organizing and supporting direct actions, and doomscrolling on Twitter.

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