Alumni Spotlights

Spiders who center civic engagement during their time at the University often find themselves continuing the work they began as undergraduates.

In the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, we're grateful for the time we spend with engaged students, and we're awed by their postgraduate achievements and ongoing dedication to social change.

Christopher Oliver, '05, Assistant Curator of American Art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Kiara Lee-Heart, '12, Instructor in the Department of Focused Inquiry at Virginia Commonwealth University

Emily Onufer, '17, Environmental Specialist at ATSC, P.L.C.

Tori Feyrer, '18, Policy Advisor to the Secretary of Education

Cassie Gilboy, '19, Richmond Public School Teacher

Jeanette Lam, '19, Filmmaker and Digital Media Educator at Youth FX

Madison Sweitzer, '19, Princeton Latin America Fellow and Highland Support Project Volunteer

There are so many Spiders we can feature here. We will continue to update this page to celebrate outstanding UR graduates. Alumni spotlights are also included in our Bonner Center for Civic Engagement Alumni News. If you'd like to receive this quarterly newsletter, please email