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Kimberly Dean-Anderson

Senior Associate Director, Community Relationships
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    Kim Dean-Anderson, Senior Associate Director of Community Relationships, earned a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Women's Studies from the University of Richmond. During her time at UR, she was a Bonner and CIGNA Scholar and served as the past president of Women Involved in Living and Learning. Kim went on to earn an M.Ed. in Social Foundations from the University of Virginia's Curry School.

    Kim joined the CCE in July 2007 as the Director of the Bonner Scholars Program. She later assumed the roles of Director of Richmond Families Initiative and UR Downtown in February 2011, before taking on her current position in July 2017.

    In addition to her work with the CCE, Dean-Anderson has an extensive background in community outreach and nonprofit programming. Prior to joining the CCE, she served as the Director of Programs at Partnership for the Future (PFF), a Richmond-based nonprofit focused on college access and transition.

    Dean-Anderson is actively involved in various community organizations, serving as an Action Team Co-Convener and Steering Committee Member with Peter Paul's Community Action Network, R.E.B. Awards for Teaching Excellence Steering Committee Chair, a member of LMR's Leadership Quest Class of 2019, an LMR Coach with Partnership for the Future, and a member of Junior League of Richmond's Community Advisory Board. She has also served on several University of Richmond search committees and is currently a member of the WILL* advisory board and Institutional Coordinating Council on Thriving, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity.

    Dean-Anderson's work has been recognized with awards such as the Campus Compact for Virginia's 2020 Community Engagement Professional Award, which she received as a co-recipient.