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Emilia Hodal

Administrative Coordinator, Student Engagement and Community Relationships

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    Emilia Hodal (she/her) joined the CCE in 2021 and brings 8 years of educational experience to the team. She received a BA with honors in Sociology, with a concentration in social justice, from Goucher College in Baltimore, MD. After graduating and still living in Baltimore, she worked as a facilitator in non-profit after-school program, where she cultivated her commitment to education and community care. Back in Virginia and prior to joining the CCE, Emilia worked at a small Montessori school, both as a teacher and an administrator. She has also worked with Richmond Mutual Aid, Special Olympics Virginia, the Baltimore Creative Alliance, and Art on Purpose, among other community programs. She loves reading, writing, music, and cinema, and her particular love for photography leads her on many adventures through woods, water, and industrial landscapes. Emilia strives to be a contributing member of the world and her own locality, working consistently towards a more egalitarian future, with opportunities for excellence distributed evenly, compassionately, and with enthusiasm to every member of our society.