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In exchange for their work at nonprofits and/or government agencies, Bonner Scholars can earn a total of $15,500 if they meet all program requirements: 

  • $2,500 annual stipend ($10,000 total).
    • Disbursed in six stipend payments of approximately $417 per academic year.
  • $5,000 stipend for two 280-hour summer internships.
    • $1,000 living stipend paid at beginning of each internship.
    • $1,500 earnings stipend paid at end of each internship.
  • $500 paid to rising seniors, to support a third summer of service or a service-related activity during their senior year.  These activities may include covering the cost of attending a conference related to their service or to travel to an interview for a fellowship, graduate school, or a job with a nonprofit or government agency.
  • $2,000 upon graduation to repay student loans or fund future education (prorated for Walk-On Scholars).
  • Financial aid package that commits to meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need.

Federal Work-Study 

Bonner Scholars who are Federal Work-Study eligible can also earn additional bi-weekly income for their hours served through the Community Work-Study Program.

Travel Reimbursement

Up to $100 in travel reimbursement is available per student annually to cover transportation costs to related to service (e.g., mileage, Uber/Lyft/Taxi, Zipcar). Travel reimbursements are distributed each April, once the student has submitted the Travel Reimbursement Form.