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Racial Justice in Richmond

"Politicians, the media, and pundits love to use the term systemic racism to describe what is going on to generalize the problems of being black in America. While this is true, we must address the causes of systemic racism and not allow them to generalize and describe the system they are complicit in maintaining. We must push them to make systemic racism more than a buzzword. We must push them to define systemic racism and demand solutions that provide actionable change and implementation which most aren’t willing to do because they must sacrifice their comfort and position."
Rodney Robinson, Richmond Public Schools

The history of Richmond is intertwined with legacies of racial injustice that are deeply felt in our city today. There are many organizations working to address this history of injustice and to promote racial justice in Richmond. Listed below are organizations with ongoing volunteer and other participation opportunities. This is a running list, and we welcome suggestions for additions. 

Wherever you choose to participate, take time to learn about these organizations and assess their needs as you get involved. Each has existing, ongoing initiatives, which require different types of support and thoughtful partnership.

Organizations furthering racial justice in Richmond and the broader region:

 Learn more about racial injustice in the Richmond region:

Additional resources for learning: