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Application for Fall 2018 Enrollment

Applications must be received by midnight on Thursday, April 26. Notifications will be sent by Thursday, May 17. Please email with any questions about the Bonner Scholars Program application process.

Applicant Information


Last Name

First Name



E-mail Address

The demographic information requested below is needed for administrative purposes only and will not be used in a discriminatory manner.

University of Richmond ID

Note: The UR ID number is generated through the Office of Admission undergraduate application process.

Gender:  Female  Male   Other  

Ethnicity: Please select one or more of the ethnicities that best describe you:

American Indian or Alaska Native

Asian (including Indian subcontinent and Philippines)

Black or African American (including Africa and the Caribbean)

Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander



Did you apply to University of Richmond as an international student? Yes No

Will you be the first in your immediate family to attend college? Yes No

If you are a transfer applicant, what college did you previously attend?

Expected graduation year from the University of Richmond:


Please list a professional reference below. You can use colleagues from jobs, teachers, or people with whom you have volunteered, attended church, or played sports.

Full Name


Title and Company (if applicable)


Email Address

Short Responses

Describe an experience where you worked with someone different from yourself. What did you learn about difference from this experience?

Describe a time you were an active member of a civic community with service commitments. What were your motivations for serving/participating and what did you learn about yourself?

Recount an experience you had during community service that made you want to learn more about something. What did you want to learn and how did you go about it?

Check the top three issues that interest you. These will be used to inform service placements.

 Arts and Culture

 College Access

 Criminal Justice

 Diversity and Multiculturalism

 Economic / Workforce Development

 Public Education

 Government, Law, Policy, Advocacy

 Healthcare, Public Health, Science

 Housing and Homelessness

 Immigration and Resettlement

 Sustainability, Food Access, Enviornmental Conservation

 Working with Individuals with Disabilities

 Elder Care

 Mentoring Youth


Of the three issues checked above which one interests you the most? Why?

How did you learn about the Bonner Scholars Program (BSP)? Your response to this question will not be considered during the selection process.

 Received email from BSP Staff

 Received email from University of Richmond Undergraduate Admission

 Browsed the UR website looking for scholarships

 Browsed the UR website looking for ways to engage or get involved on campus

 From a friend or another student

 Open House or Admitted Students' Day

 Campus Tour

 High School (counselor, pre-college program, teacher)

By submitting the Bonner Scholars Program application, you certify that all information submitted is your own work, factually true, and honestly presented. You understand that you may be subject to a range of possible disciplinary actions, including Bonner Scholars Program admission revocation or expulsion from the Bonner Scholars Program, should the information submitted be false.

After you submit your application, please print, sign, and submit the Bonner Scholars Program application waiver.