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The SEEDS Project

The SEEDS Project is a student-run organization that exists to work alongside marginalized communities and to examine the complexities of American society to develop a better understanding of service both locally and nationally. SEEDS (Students Engaging and Enacting a Dialogue on Service) embodies its long-term vision by creating sustainable relationships with the communities they visit, while also developing meaningful friendships among the participants. Although they aim to provide support to marginalized communities, the primary goal of the SEEDS Project is to engage students in discussion and reflection on social injustice.

In order to fulfill its mission, the SEEDS Project offers two alternative spring break trips for students at the University of Richmond. This year Richmond students will have the opportunity to travel to either Louisiana or West Virginia. The group has developed a disciplined service-learning experience that involves manual labor and most importantly, conversations in and around the communities in which participants engage. The SEEDS Project highlights the history of the region, connects to a variety of leaders and people in the community, and initiates educational exercises and reflections before, during, and after the trips.