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As teachers and scholars, faculty at the University of Richmond have engaged with communities in Richmond, across the United States, and abroad in creative and impactful ways. At the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement (CCE), we seek to support this commitment to community engagement, facilitate the sharing of resources and expertise when needed, and help faculty align their engagement with their pedagogical and scholarly or creative aspirations.

The CCE’s Faculty Engagement Team supports and encourages faculty in several ways. Faculty Fellowships are awarded to faculty seeking to learn more about community-engaged learning pedagogy with colleagues. Some special fellowship groups are formed to target a particular issue area or initiative. Course Support Grants encourage community-engaged classes by funding honoraria for guest speakers, transportation costs, and more. Faculty Excursions and Events provide shared learning and networking opportunities.

We know that every great community-engaged course begins with a conversation, so visit us on the third floor of Tyler Haynes Commons, where we have coffee – and a library of resources.

Questions about CBL?

Contact Terry Dolson, Associate Director, community-engaged learning, with questions about courses, fellowships, and research opportunities.

Contact Cody Fleeger, Program Manager, with questions about course support grants or transportation for class trips.

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