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Featured Courses

Community-based learning (CBL) at the University of Richmond spans all schools and many departments. Here is a selection of featured community-based learning courses by topic, interviews with faculty, and more.  

Institutional History Courses

In the spring of 2020, seven faculty from the Provost Office's faculty cohort on institutional history featured institutional history in their courses, in order to expand knowledge of UR's history and its legacies, deepen student learning, and contribute to our inclusive excellence goals.

Eco-Corridor Courses

Many community-based learning courses connect to the Gambles-Mill Eco-Corridor on campus.

Faculty Interviews and Course Spotlights

Education in Fiction and Fact Seminar

Elisabeth Gruner, associate professor of English, describes her SSIR's community-based approach to learning about schools.

Fundamental Principles in Biology

Emily Boone, director of biological instruction, Dr. Jory Brinkerhoff, associate professor of biology, and Dr. Kristine Grayson, assistant professor of biology highlight their partnership with East End Cemetery. 

Consulting Process and Practicum

Read an in-depth Q&A with Jonathan Whitaker, assistant professor of management.

Database Marketing

Learn how Monika Kukar-Kinney, associate professor of marketing, integrates a team data analysis project for a local community partner in her class.