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CCE Conference Support Fund

Faculty may apply for funding to attend a conference to present their work related to community-based learning courses or community-based research. Funds are also available to support community partner co-presenters.

Preference will be given to those faculty who been selected as CCE faculty fellows over the past five years, but it is not necessary to have been a fellow to receive funds. In cases where the conference presents a clear and significant contribution to faculty learning, faculty may apply for funding to attend a conference where they are not presenting. Applications will be weighed on the following criteria: 

  1. Is the work to be presented clearly related to community-based learning, community-based research, and/or other community-engaged academic work? OR does the conference clearly contribute to the faculty member's engaged teaching and/or scholarship?
  2. Does the applicant present a good way to use the presentation/what they learn to further the mission of the CCE on our campus or in the community?
  3. Has the applicant applied for other funds where possible?
  4. Does the applicant show a commitment to the work of community engagement?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  You need not wait until you are accepted to present at a conference to apply for funding; however, we will wait for acceptance of the proposal to award funding.  

How to Apply for Funding

Download the CBL-CBR Conference Application form and complete it, including the attachments as requested.

If you are co-presenting with a community partner, you can also apply for separate funding for the partner.  Please have him/her complete the CBL-CBR Conference Partner Application form, and include it with yours.

Email completed applications to Terry Dolson.