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Bryan Figura
Associate Director, Operations

Prior to joining the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement at the University of Richmond, Figura taught middle school English and Humanities at P.S. 860 in Harlem, New York, coordinated leadership program for Greek Life at Bowling Green State University, and served as a field organizer for Obama for America in Oregon.

Figura earned a Bachelor of Arts with honors in English and a Virginia teaching license from Longwood University and a Master of Arts in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University. He is a candidate to receive his MBA from the University of Richmond's Robins School of Business in 2018.

Community Service
  • Secretary, Board of Directors, Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts

“High-Impact Assessment,” Engage, co-authored with Sylvia Gale.
Q&A with Bryan Figura

What is your favorite/most meaningful book or film?

John Steinbeck is my favorite author, and I have read his entire repertoire. I am drawn to The Red Pony (the rawness of nature) and In Dubious Battle (man's war with himself).

Where are you originally from?

I was born and raised in New York, but moved to the Commonwealth of Virginia in late elementary school. I am now a proud Virginian.

What is your favorite restaurant or coffee shop in Richmond?

The local outfit, Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Co., roasts the best coffee in the city, so any spot that sells it is a coffee shop I frequent. Café ZaTa in the Forest Hill, Café Caturra on Grove St., and Urban Farmhouse in Scott’s Addition are where I do a lot of MBA course work. 

What is your favorite place or thing to do in Richmond?

I like to run in the woods of Forest Hill and swim in the mighty James. I am also a big Richmond Kickers (professional soccer) fan and go to all of their home games. 

Why do you engage?

The Boy Scouts of America taught me the importance of citizenship and enabled me to practice doing my duty for my country. At Longwood University (small, public liberal arts institution in VA), I was compelled to be an “active citizen” by faculty and staff. These entities and others taught me to believe in, defend, and practice the traditions of democracy: community problem-solving, expression of accountability, transition of power so it remains shared, and initiatives and solutions sourced from and pushed by the people. 

B.A., Longwood University
M.A., Bowling Green State University
College Student Personnel
M.B.A., University of Richmond Candidate, 2017
Contact Information
(804) 484-1631