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Summer Research Fellowships

In past years, the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) offered 10-week paid summer fellowships in support of independent student research and faculty-student collaborative research projects. These grants were awarded for projects exploring factors and dynamics that contribute to social and civic problems with the intent to generate innovative solutions to community-identified needs.

The CCE is not currently offering these research fellowships. Interested students are encouraged to explore the UR Summer Fellowship program for alternative options. In particular, students with research interests should explore the University's Spider Research Fellowships and the Arts & Sciences Summer Research Fellowships.

Past Recipients

Student Research Fellows

Emily Schworer, '13, psychology, concentration in neuroscience
Mentor: Laura Knouse, assistant professor, psychology
"Levels System in Self-Management Classrooms at the Faison School for Autism"

Student Research Fellows

Jeffrey Hunt, '12, economics and leadership studies, mathematics
Mentor: Robert Dolan
"Addicted to Cigarette Sales: The Impact of Excise Tax Collection on the Seneca Nation Reservation"

Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Fellows

Rachel Templeton, '13, world politics and diplomacy, French
Mentor: Douglas Hicks, professor, Jepson School of Leadership Studies
"The Religions of Richmond: Mapping Interfaith and Civic Leadership"

Student Research Fellows

Aleah Goldin, '13, epidemiology and anthropology, psychology
Mentor: Crystal Hoyt
"Mortality, Terror & Economic Salience: Amplification of Anti-Semite, Anti-Arab & Anti-Chinese Prejudice"

Mary E. Maier, '11, business administration, marketing
Mentor: Dana-Nicoleta Lascu, Phd.
"Garbage Disposal Attitudes and Practice in Two Ecuadorian Communities: Assessment and Recommendations for Change"

Matthew Morris, '12, law student
Mentor: Meredith Harbach
"The Right to Know Who You Are: A Study of Virginia's Adoption Record Law"

Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Fellows

Lucas Hakkenberg, '12, leadership studies, political science
Mentor: Thad Williamson, associate professor, Jepson School of Leadership Studies
"Understanding Richmond's Power and Structure"

Student Research Fellows

Rachel Deane, class of 2010, law
Mentor: John Douglass, Dean, T.C. Williams School of Law
"Local Government Forms and Functions: Comprehensive Review of the Richmond City Charter"

Juliette Jeanfreau, class of 2010, leadership studies
Mentor: Juliette Landphair, Dean, Westhampton College
"Prelude to Katrina: 1965's Hurricane Betsy"  

Evan Kahn, class of 2010, economics
Mentor: Andy Litteral, associate professor, management
"Developing and Implementing an Efficient and Technologically Advanced Data Collection and Analysis System for the Crisis Assistance Response Emergency Shelter"

Lee Shubert, class of 2009, law
Mentor: Adrienne Volenik, Director, Mental Disability Law Clinic
"So Am I Married or Not? The Real World Implementation and Impact of the 2006 Virginia Constitutional Amendment"

Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Fellows

Karen Zivi, assistant professor, Jepson School of Leadership Studies
Zoe Silverman, class of 2010, leadership studies and sociology
"Motherhood and Women's Rights: Addressing the AIDS Epidemic in South Africa"
Melissa Ooten, Associate Director, WILL

Ashlee Murphy, class of 2010, sociology
"Race and Class Relations at Mary Munford Elementary School: A Case Study in the Desegregation of Richmond City Schools"

Catherine Bagwell, associate professor, psychology
Teri Preddy, graduate student, class of 2010, psychology
"Can Social Support Be a Risk Factor for Depression and Anxiety? An Examination of Co-Rumination"

CCE Research Fellows

Daniel Ochoterena, sophomore, economics and business administration
Mentor: Andy Litteral, Business
“Assessing the Current and Potential Development of Richmond, Virginia”

Edith Coarlia de la Vega, sophomore, finance and international business and international studies
Mentor: Ricardo Ramos-Tremolada, LAIS
“Party Polarization and Its Impact on Social Tension in El Salvador"

CCE Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Fellows

Crystal Hoyt, leadership studiesRebecca Frazier
, junior, psychology
Audrey Innella, sophomore, psychology
“Exploring and Reducing Gender Discrimination in Leadership Domains”

Scott Allison, psychology
Kathryn Hudson, junior, psychology
“College Athletes as Heroes and Role Models: An Analysis of the Reciprocal Relationship between Student-Athletes and the Community”

CCE and Quest Fellows

Salmaan Ayaz, junior, economics and history
Mentor: Yucel Yanikdag, history
“Islam and America: Discovering What We Share”

Kyle Bell, junior, international studies and Spanish
Jason LaValla, junior, business administration and English
Mentor: Nicole Sackley, history
“Young Adults in a Young Democracy: A Study of University Students in Chennai”

CCE and Quest Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Fellows

Corinna Barrett Lain, law
Scott St. Amand, first-year law student
“How Do You Plead? Twombly and the Future of Litigation in America”

CCE-Quest Fellows

Catherine Eason, junior, environmental studies and economics
Mentor: Joel Eisen, law
“An Analysis of the Potential Local Effects of Global Warming to the Richmond-Area Communities and Possible Implications for the Environmental Justice Movement”
Project PowerPoint

Garrett Schlein, sophomore, leadership studies and political science
Mentor: Don Forsyth, leadership studies
“Individual and Collective Environmentalism: An Application to Watershed Conservation”
Professor Benjamin Spencer, law

Leslie McCall, law
Capri Miller, law
“The Impending Judicial Crisis: How Politics and Indifference Are Destroying Our Federal Courts"

CCE and Quest Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Fellows

Corinna Barrett Lain, law
Scott St. Amand, first-year law student
“How Do You Plead? Twombly and the Future of Litigation in America”


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