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Presentations of Learning

Presentations of Learning have been a Bonner Center for Civic Engagement tradition for years at the University of Richmond, providing Bonner Scholars and other engaged seniors an opportunity to share the impact of community engagement on their learning, growth, and development.

Community Building: Tuesday, March 28, 4-6 p.m., Brown Alley Room

4:00 pm - Samuel Gilmore, Shalom Farms

4:15 pm - Mony Aboul-Nour, Bon Air Juvenile Corrections Center & CrossOver Healthcare Ministry

4:30 pm - Ciana Young, Bonner Scholars Program

4:45 pm - Brenden Carol, Bonner Center for Civic Enagagement 

5:00 pm - Domniki Athanasiadou, IT4Causes 

5:15 pm - Melvin Sanchez, Commonwealth Catholic Charities 

Capacity Building: Wednesday, March 29, 4-6 p.m., Brown Alley Room

4:00 pm - Arthur Tartee, Higher Achievement & Bonner Scholars Program

4:15 pm - Emily Foo, City of Richmond, Sustainability Office  

4:30 pm - Faizan Chaudhry, Bonner Scholars Program

4:45 pm - Emily Onufer, Bonner Scholars Program

5:00 pm - Molly Johnson, Gray Haven

5:15 pm - Javier Cifuentes-Garzaro, City of Richmond, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Health & Wellbeing: Tuesday, April 4, 4-6 p.m., International Center Commons

4:00 pm - David Harry, CrossOver Healthcare Ministry

4:15 pm - Vivian Lee, Daily Planet

4:30 pm - Rebecca Nguyen, Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

4:45 pm - Katie Tanner, Greater Richmond Stop Child Abuse Now

5:00 pm - Yani Abagaro, Greater Richmond Stop Child Abuse Now

5:15 pm - Camila Gaudin-Gonzalez, CrossOver Healthcare Ministry

5:30 pm - Kenny Yang, Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

Mentoring & Tutoring: Wednesday, April 5, 4-6 p.m., International Center Commons

4:00 pm - Emma Ratini, Church Hill Activities & Tutoring 

4:15 pm - Kyong Lee, St. Andrew's School

4:30 pm - Lindsay Palmisano, Church Hill Activities & Tutoring 

4:45 pm - Taylor Gill, St. Andrew's School

5:00 pm - Kokou Alasse, Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club 

5:15 pm - Benjamin Kornegay, St. Andrew's School 


For more information about Presentations of Learning, please call or e-mail the Bonner Scholars Program office. or (804) 484-1630